Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Accenture can help you get a job now

Accenture is launching a program named as, 'Skills to Succeed' with an investment of over $100 million. With this program, Accenture will seek to educate people, and build skills that enable them to participate in and contribute to areas like IT, BPO, hospitality and retail . This initiative will help an estimated 250,000 unskilled and semi-skilled people around the world job- or business-ready by 2015.

Accenture India has roped in Dr Reddy's Foundation and Nasscom Foundation to provide BPO skills training to underprivileged youth from rural India. It has entered into a partnership with IGNOU to offer a diploma course on BPO services. India has over 450 million unskilled and semi-skilled people under 35, so this initiative of Accenture will help the country in a greater way.

Says Rekha Menon, executive director in Accenture India, " With Nasscom Foundation, we will train adolescent girls and young women from economically backward areas in animation skills."       

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