Friday, October 1, 2010

Facebook opens office in India(hyderabad)

Yesterday, Facebook announced the formal opening of its India office, in Hyderabad. The company  appointed Kirthiga Reddy (in photo below, center) as Director of Online Operations and Head of India Office, and Manoj Vargehse (in photo below, left) as Director of User Operations (India) in July. The company claims to have 15 million users in India, though its Facebook Advertising interface puts the total number at 13.6 million. That might depend on the number of people who have disclosed their location, though.

Facebook has been been hiring for a while now, and, according to PTI, Facebook intends to invest $150 million and hire 500 people in India, primarily to service its global operations.

India has been one of Facebook’s fastest growing markets. Some stats we culled out from the Facebook Advertising interface, as of October 1st 2010:

- Users in India: 13,612,360

- Users from main cities (within 50 mile radius):

- Delhi/NCR: 6,789,600

- Mumbai: 3,183,440

- Bengaluru: 687,820

Strangely enough, neither Pune nor Hyderabad showed up. This is also perhaps down to people choosing to disclose their location to Facebook. That said, even if it is 15 million users, it seems Delhi and Mumbai account for almost 10 million of those. Wonder what the comparative information for Orkut would be like.

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