Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mahindra Satyam comes up with a new HR Strategy, may hire more freshers

With an attrition level of 40% in the last two years, Mahindra Satyam  has been struggling to retain its employees across all levels. The employee count has declined from 45,000 in FY09 to 27,000 in FY10, reflecting the severe ramp-down mode that the company was in through FY10.
 In order to curb attrition, the company has initiated a few hiring programmes, planned significant campus hiring and also started a buddy-referral programme. “We have hired about 3,000 people, mostly at the entry level. They have almost finished their training and we have plans to hire more,’’ according to chief marketing officer Hari T.

 The company has also created specialist positions and career tracks, which give independent identities to employees. Since employees with an experience of two years are suitable for specialist roles, one can decide whether to become a team lead or an expert in a particular field in a period of two years. Anyone who has worked on a particular project or location for about two years can now demand a change in his role, position and geography. “We are offering people the opportunity to plan their own careers. We are now offering people the opportunity to choose their career paths and the way they want to go further,’’ Hari says, adding that the salaries will also be industry competitive.

Through various employee-centric programmes such as shadow board and global leadership cadre (GLC), the company has also proposed career and succession plans for its employees. “We have identified nine people last year through the shadow board and we have similar plans this time. While GLC recorded the first batch last year, the programme is scheduled to start in December this year,’’ Hari said.

The idea is to create a workforce that can lead the company in the future. “This organisation has enough people with leadership potential--- 95% of leadership roles are filled from within the organisation. We didn’t hire people from outside. Most of our hirings are for entry-level requirements and we want to help middle level managers to take on the top levels and build the organisation,’’ he added.

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