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Huawei IDEOS with Google Android 2.2 at USD 100-200 Price Band

HUAWEI has launched a new Android Phone called the IDEOS running on "FROYO" or Android 2.2. The phone has been developed in partnership with Google and would be released  in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America.The company is aiming to redefine the meaning of an entry level smartphone  with the IDEOS. The phone would be priced between $100-$200 depending on the market.

Huawei IDEOS Features

§  WCDMAupto 7.2 Mbps
§  WiFi
§  Use phone as WIFI HOTSPOT for upto 8 Devices
§  Available in 3 colors Blue , Pink and Yellow
§  Voice Dialing , Voice Navigation.

§  320*240 capactive resolution.

§  3.2 mega pixel camera.

§  brightness, proximity and accelerometer sensors.

§ powered with a 528 MHz processor. 

Kevin Tao, CEO of Huawei Device said  “The popularity of the smartphone is one of the key tools to bringing people into the ‘Golden Age of Mobile Broadband,’ which is linked to Google’s mobile Internet strategy. ”

“We are proud to have already achieved our goal from early 2010 of developing a US$150 smartphone with an excellent user experience. The IDEOS is an affordable option, designed to lower 
barriers to entry to allow easy mobile Internet access.”

Chinese telecom giant Huawei -- which has been playing the Android game with major carrier around the world for some time now -- has selected IFA to debut the Ideos, a new entry-level model running FROYO in a variety of colors. Huawei's press release calls the Ideos "the world's first affordable smartphone" -- which seems like a bit of an overstatement (okay, a huge overstatement) to us -- but really underscores the fact that this thing is going to be launching for somewhere between $100 and $200 unsubsidized in Europe, Asia, and both North and Latin America. It's got 3G, WiFi, mobile hotspot capability for up to eight devices, and was apparently developed in direct partnership with Google, a sign that Mountain View is serious about taking Android 2.2 across the entire price spectrum.

We checked out the Ideos today and were pretty impressed; clearly, you're not going to mistake it for an EVO, a driod X, or a DEFY, but Huawei has definitely put some effort into engineering this thing so that they were able to make it cheaply without making it feel like it would come apart in your hands. The company is quick to note that 2.8-inch capacitive displays aren't very common -- and though we could've definitely used HVGA instead of the Ideos' QVGA, we were pleased with the responsiveness, both from a processor performance perspective and a touch sensitivity one. Add in the support for 7.2Mbps HSDPA and the stylish colors (black, yellow, blue, and purple) and Huawei might just have a winner here. More on this one when launch carriers start to come out of the woodwork. Follow the break for the full press release.
The ergonomically designed IDEOS provides a variety of ways to access the Internet, as it boasts downlink speeds of more than 7.2Mb/s, offers UMTS/WCDMA + WiFi dual network support, and offers ubiquitous mobile broadband services. The device also doubles as a WiFi router for up to eight devices at a time, making IDEOS an all-in-one solution for a range of wireless connectivity options.
Available in black, yellow, blue, and purple, the IDEOS, with Android 2.2 pre-installed, not only runs fast, but also supports functions such as voice dialing, voice navigation, and the ability to run applications off the SD card. With more than 70,000 applications available in the Android Market, IDEOS provides a wide range of communication, entertainment, office, and financial management applications.
The connectivity options also include Bluetooth and navigation (GPS) support. The handset will be available in the Indian markets by Nov 2010 and will be priced around Rs5600.
Kevin Tao, CEO of Huawei Device, said, “We are proud to have already achieved our goal from early 2010 of developing a US$150 smartphone with an excellent user experience. The IDEOS is an affordable option, designed to lower barriers to entry to allow easy mobile Internet access.”

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